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Power Group

Structure to design and build a great future for your business and life.

A sustained, powerful path to business success and personal growth.

A circle of peers, all local business leaders, to think and act with.

Accountability partners to encourage new practices and prompt your commitment to action.

Relevant learning, outside speakers and conversation designed to produce competitive advantage, improved business practices and increased market share.

Monthly meetings to authentically share your concerns and invite objective feedback and suggestions for growth and development.

Assigned reading and related conversation to stimulate new ways of thinking and new ways of responding to your environment.

Power Group

Power Group requires a 10-month commitment. Meetings are held between 8.00am and 12 noon once a month, with an additional requirement to meet one time between meetings with a small group, usually 3 or 4 people. You are welcome, and encouraged, to develop relationships with other members of your Power Group as well as your assigned small group.

Membership in this group will inspire you to work to accomplish your lifestyle and business ambitions! Everything you try may not work. Expect to feel uncomfortable, yet supported. Anticipate sound and frank advice from your group and be encouraged to stretch and grow. We set the bar high!

Power Group people are a very special breed of leader, carefully vetted to maintain the quality and value of each meeting. Confidentiality is a pre-requisite, as is the ability to contribute powerfully to the group, and to allow the contribution of others. This circle of business professionals will be compiled of focused individuals engaged in the promise of learning, designing, and acting for the futures that they say are important to them.

We guarantee meaningful conversation and a safe setting for sharing, asking for help and working together to meet specific business and life objectives.

“If everything you try works, you are not trying hard enough.”

Contact Sue for scheduled program dates, or for more information about joining this elite group of local business leaders.

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