Being a Leader and the
Effective Exercise of Leadership

Being a Leader will give you a breakthrough in communication, effectiveness and results. You will master the ability to deal powerfully with anything life throws at you, allowing you to work toward a future of your own design. An extraordinary future.

This is a full 6-day, intensive leadership training, held over 8-12 weeks, in three 2-day sessions.

We promise that you will leave this program being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self expression.


The Four Foundational Elements for Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership

Bigger than You
Cause in the Matter


Distinguishing Leader and Leadership

Experience a newfound peace and freedom as you distinguish the future you want and understand how to create the buy-in you need. Be effective no matter what you are dealing with.


Removing Personal Constraints that Limit your Effective Exercise of Leadership

See clearly how your own actions and behaviors inhibit you and, finally, get out of your own way.

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What participants are saying about Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership

“The most impactful course I have ever done. This has opened up new possibilities for work, home, and family. This is only the beginning!”

“What an incredible use of time! Meaningful, lasting change that would not have happened otherwise.”

“Amazing changes are already happening! I am making things happen.”

“I see the world in a much different light. The experiences and sharing have transformed my ability to lead.”

“This course is full of life lessons and a path to being a better, more whole and realized person and leader.”

“I see so much opportunity to improve myself and the lives of others by utilizing what I’ve learned in this program.”

“This was critical for my career and was overall life changing.”

“This course has given me peace. I am able to distinguish where I get in my own way, and choose to be a more powerful and effective leader.”

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