Meeting Facilitation

Ahead of your meeting Sue will work with you to understand your expectations and goals. The pre-work ensures that the agenda is prepared in advance, that detailed meeting objectives are clear and that your facilitator is ready to deliver.

During the meeting, time will be well spent working intentionally to give you the results you desire. People will be managed and guided. Action items will be well documented.

After the meeting you will be provided with written documentation and your leaders will have an opportunity to debrief.

Are you tired of ineffective and unproductive meetings?

Do you want to ensure that every attendee has a voice?

Are the desired meeting outcomes of high importance to you?

Do you need help compiling a powerful agenda for your next meeting?

Do you want to save time and have an organized call to action as a result of your meeting?

Do you need help managing a large room full of diverse personalities and temperaments?

Contact Sue for a no obligation conversation to see how she can help.

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