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Conflict Resolution

Conflict at work costs morale, money, time and productivity. It may even cost you your wellbeing, your satisfaction or your business.

Focusing on an objective examination of the facts (data) and reducing emotional attachment to ‘being right’, can help the discordant parties work cooperatively to find an acceptable resolve. Digging up who did what and to whom gives no access to finding mutual agreement.

Sue will help you get complete with the past and work together to design a future that satisfies all parties. She will help you explore options, address differences, analyze costs and construct a path forward. She can also hold you to account on what you agreed to, and help you build an action plan for a successful outcome.

Finding a peaceful, workable solution to conflict is a process that can be accelerated with the help of a third party facilitator.

The goal is to develop a background of relatedness, a shared commitment to an agreed upon end result.

Through joint sessions and private meetings, lines of communication will be improved, providing opportunities to resolve differences.

Contact Sue for a no obligation conversation to see how she can help.

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